GameChat – WORLD SERIES GAME 1, Rangers @ Giants, 6:30 pm

Is anyone else a little weirded out that Cliff Lee and Tim Lincecum … well… they kind of look alike?  Seriously!  They could almost be father and son!  Ok, maybe brothers..  but still.


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But superficial distractions aside, YAY!!!!  The World Series is here!  I’m actually interested enough to watch! AND I don’t have to watch yet another east coast team so BONUS!  Ok, yes, I have a bias and I’m probably in the minority and the bosses over at Fox are having fits worrying that there won’t be enough ratings – maybe they won’t renew the contract and someone with better announcers and less commercial interruption can broadcast but for now, this is what we have.

Texas @ San Francisco
Andrus, SS   Torres, CF
Young, M, 3B   Sanchez, F, 2B
Hamilton, CF   Posey, B, C
Guerrero, RF   Burrell, LF
Cruz, N, LF   Ross, C, RF
Kinsler, 2B   Huff, A, 1B
Molina, B, C   Uribe, 3B
Moreland, 1B   Renteria, SS
Lee, Cl, P   Lincecum, P


  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Texas 1 1 0 0 0 2 0 0 3 7 11 4
San Francisco 0 0 2 0 6 0 0 3 x 11 14 2


Well it appears that Cliff Lee isn’t invincible after all.  Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!