Last Day of the 2011 Season

Thank God…

I think we are all ready to wave goodbye to this season and start fresh in the spring. Of course that means it is going to have to be a pretty busy off-season and I don’t even want to begin talking about what this team needs to do yet. That’s a discussion for many many many a future day to warm the winter with passionate pleas.

Today, I’m simply going to enjoy this ABSOLUTELY PERFECT baseball weather – especially for a Minnesota Fall – and hope that the Twins are able to avoid that triple digit loss record for the year.

I just thought I would share a couple of things as I was thinking through my day.

A photog buddy of mine, Kinsey Anderson, was at the game last night and snapped this shot of Target Field:


I’m choosing to consider the image as a metaphor for going into this off-season. The storms, clouds and gloom are moving out and things should be clearing up.

And I thought I would pass on this message from Michael Cuddyer that he put out this morning:

“Last game of the season. I know it has been tough and frustrating, but thank you fans for coming out and supporting us strong this season!!”

I hope all our players know that our frustrations are real but we are here to cheer on the good stuff they do! I really hope we get to do a LOT more cheering next year!