So what would you like?

Hey Knuckleballs!

Obviously, being a new blog, we still have some things we have ‘in process’ and have some big ideas for fun features we want to have going for the start of the regular season.  That is pretty much our arbitrary date selection for when we want to have everything functioning for when people are paying more attention…  Welcome, officially, to the beta period and don’t you feel lucky to be a part?!

GameChats are going well – a huge thing for us and one of our major hurdles in getting setup – but if you would like to participate in live chat during games, what kind of information would you like to have handy?  We would love some feedback from the users.  Would you like to have final Boxscores posted for each of the game posts?  I’m sure that game summaries, however creative and/or involving legos or some other childish excuse for fun, will be a part of our regular season lineup.  What’s the first thing you look for to find out what happened??

We are also discussing various ideas for games/entertainment/time wasters to provide here and there just aleve the tediousness of days without baseball – and even some with.  If you have suggestions – or even contributions – we would love to chat with you.

Another feature we would like to provide is Guest Submissions!  We would love to have game journals for all of your fun at Spring Training or that roadtrip to Rochester or family day at Midway Stadium!!  Minor leagues, Independent Leagues, Major Leagues – it’s all good for us.  Contact us if you would like to be a part or if you have a trip in mind.

Photos!!!!  We’re all three a little camera crazy so it’s kind of surprising that we haven’t quite gotten to getting pictures up yet.  We’ll probably have LOTS of pictures to provide and if you have things in particular that you would like to see and/or would like to share, let us know!

So all you Spring Training Beta testers, give us some feedback of things you always wanted to have but haven’t found yet…