Vote for the AMI 2010 Mustached American of the Year!

Step 1 was a SUCCESS!! The American Mustache Institute has assembled all the nominations that were submitted for the Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year and have 19 finalists now ready for your vote!  Among those finalists is none other than our very own Carl Pavano!!

Many thought Carl Pavano’s baseball career was done. And then he grew a mustache. Since then, he resurrected his career with a 17-11 record in 2010, 3.75 ERA, and a Central Division Championship. His Pavstache single handedly brought the popularity of lip garments back to Minnesota and powered the team into the 2010 playoffs.

So here is your Ballot and let’s support the big man and his facial hair – because who knows how long the wife will let him keep it!

Here’s the voting info supplied by AMI:

The “Goulet” is NOT A BEST MUSTACHE CONTEST. Based on popular voting, the award recognizes the person who best-represents or contributes to the Mustached American community over the past year and will be announced in St. Louis on Dec. 4, at ‘Stache Bash 2010.

I’m not entirely sure how long they will be accepting ballots so vote early, often and share with your friends!  Time to support our favorite mustachioed MN Twin!

4 Replies to “Vote for the AMI 2010 Mustached American of the Year!”

  1. Ohhhhh didn’t realize it would be such a tough choice until I looked at the ballot and there, right below ‘Stache, is former (and likely future) Iowa Governor Terry Branstad.

    Decisions, decisions…

  2. Voted for Pavstache, obviously. I’m just a little upset that the AMI didn’t mention the Twitter accounts and Facebook pages it spawned.

  3. Yeah, my own submission for his nomination went into more inclusive detail about the personality gained in social media by the mustached itself – they didn’t include that in their ballot list. Probably a word limit to keep 19 entries from dragging on.

    Keep in mind that I haven’t yet found a limit to voting so vote often, and pass this around so that other can vote as well!

  4. Michael Cuddyer re-tweeted a link to it, so it has reached quite a few people. Also, Twinkie Town and other Twins blogs have shared the link.